Electric Love



Electric Love is a group of hippies from outer space. No, actually, just some kick ass musicians, artists- and friends. Who really dig listening to old skool funk, jazz, hiphop, afro and soul on vinyl but are also kids from the 80’s, who grew up with electronic music and dance. So there, a unique blend. They strive for authenticity, being in da flow, and making a hell of a party. O yeah, and world peace, ofcourse, that too.




Crazy storyteller who’s a monster in improv, has a superb timing and an awesome sound. Sweet, sexy, jazzy, and profound but also obstinate, streetwise and a little rough around the edges.


Producer, guitarist, vintage soundmeister, gypsy, cute, funny, and he always knows where the afterparty’s at. (It’s at his place. ;-))



Drummer, percussionist, nerd, India traveller, idealistic believer in a better world, and if you give him the chance he can drum us all in a trance.




Simply the coolest man on keys....and a bit of a naughty nerd....



Funky, Groovy and a lot more! Presenting der Bassmeister....